The Refashioners is back and I’m so happy to be part of it this year.

The theme was “inspired by”, where we had to take a character, outfit or icon that inspired our transformation.



While I was looking for inspiration I came to this picture of Carolina Herrera and really like the dress she has, I love her work and her elegance. Totally opposite to me and think that difference was reflected in the result of my project.



Do you believe in the attraction law? I do, and this project eliminated any doubts I might have left.

While I was looking for material to use someone (unknown for me) tagged me on facebook in the post of someone else, also unknown, who was offering clothes to give away because she was moving to another country, the girl lived in the corner of my work, so that same day I went there and not only came out with a bag full of clothes, but I also had the opportunity to meet Fabienne, a woman who will do wonderful things in Africa, helping empower women in their quest for independence. Thanks Fabienne and thanks to that girl who made the connection possible.

As main material for my refashion I used a set of Fabienne, although the piece offered me enough material to play at the end I had to add pieces of jean to finish the neckline.

I used the smaller pieces to add pockets, in total I made four! =)

I drafted the pattern specifically for this project, made some modifications to facilitate its daily use and it’s already available for you =)



For this project I use the Herrera coat pattern, Which I made especially for this project and is also available for you.



A dress inspired by Carolina Herrera that doesn’t look anything like her, but I loved it!

This project is full of inspiration and strength, reminded me the power that our hands have!

Do you use your power?

Go to Portia‘s blog to learn more about the challenge and participate, you have until the end of October to put your power into actions