Around 15% of fabric is discarded during the confecction process, it is estimated that we produced globally 400 billion square meters of fabric in 2015, 15% of 400 billion would mean a waste of 60 BILLION square meters of cloth. Madness!

This is one of those statistics that motivate me to look for more effective ways to create, either by reusing the remains we produce or by optimizing the waste that we create in our cutting table, because like it or not, we are part of that statistic… What do you do to reduce your waste?

The source of these statistics are from a report by Gugnami & Mishra, you can also find more information in the book zero waste fashion or in the fanzine of Fashion Revolution.

I made this dress with scraps, sewing pieces of fabric that I have accumulated from previous projects, a mixture of colors and patterns that only upcycling makes possible.

The pattern is by Sasha Secondo Piano and you can download it for free on her blog.

The pattern is for a tshirt, I only made it longer and added 1 cm to the height of the neck piece.

What do you do with the scraps left over from your projects?



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