This is not a pattern making nor a sewing book, doesn’t explain anything or have a step by step. In this book you will find a graphic collection of 156 costumes dating from 1913 to 1995, photographed in every detail. It’s a book to open the imagination and to be filled with inspiration. I showed it page by page on Instagram and here I bring you a collection of my favorite details.

The images in the book are organized by details: necklines, collars, sleeves, cuffs, pockets, hems…. The only thing that disappointed me, and a lot, is that photos of the full costumes can only be seen in the index, a miniature version. And although I can imagine the reason; If you add one page per photo of each dress I would add 156 pages to a book that is already quite large, around 400 pages. It would be nice to have them.

but anyways it’s enjoyable!

Brown suit. USA ca. 1949

Red wool double breasted day suit. USA, ca. 1962

Cream georgette dress. USA ca. 1927

Brown crepe cocktail dress. USA ca.1942

Greige wool crepe cocktail dress. USA ca 1968

Taupe sheath dress with matching long-sleeve coat. USA ca 1969

Olive green wool double-knit day dress.USA, ca. 1951

Red wool double breasted day suit. USA, ca. 1962

Black silk satin jacket. USA, ca. 1995

Sage-green printed cotton dress USA, ca 1950

Pink and white patterned scoop-necked dress with jacket. USA, ca 1965

Yellow wool sheath dress. USA, ca. 1969

Cream heavy wool coat dress. USA, ca. 1968


Which one is your favorite detail? (It’s hard to choose just one, right?)


BOOK: Vintage Details – A fashion sourcebook – Jeffrey Mayer & Basia Szkutnicka