If you saw my Stories, you know that a few months ago two of you contacted me to tell me that you would be visiting Berlin, also that you wanted to do a Workshop with me.

Without hesitation I said yes!

And it was the best way I had to say goodbye to my Studio in Berlin.

Together we sew the Yuya dress ​with a neckline tranformation.

I admired the patience and dedication that Monica put into her project, she basted EVERYTHING before sewing !!!!

Ruth surprised me, it was her first time sewing a garment and she did it without fear, basting wasn’t her thing, she wanted to finish her dress ASAP and only used pins to keep the pieces in place before sewing.

We had a great afternoon sewing, chatting and laughing!! We even have had time to make some videos.

Thanks for the trusting in me girls, I loved having fun with you!!

It was very satisfying to close this stage of my life with such good energy.

Goodbye Berlin, Hello Munich!!

  • You can see the other video we made in my INSTAGRAM
  • The dress we sew is the YUYA dress
  • If you like dresses, you will love the DARLILA dress
  • If you are in winter time the HERRERA coat can help you to survive
  • But if you haven’t experimented with Upcycling don’t wait any longer to make your NIPA top​

see you soon!