When I design the YUYA dress I had an idea in mind, I wanted to make a pattern that we could use as a raw material to make sewing experiments, this is a pattern we are going to transform over time and today we will start working with it.

Using basics pattern making techniques we are going to turn that dress into a sweater.

On the other hand, I don’t want to be the one that imposes the transformations, I was thinking about sharing with you the ideas I have, make a vote to choose the next customization, what do you think? If you have an idea for some transformation feel free to share it with me or the group, the intention is to have fun, learn and feed our imagination.

Anyway, let’s start with the first modification.

I made a worksheet to help you keep a record of the process, DOWNLOAD IT and let’s do this!!


(don’t forget to activate the translations)

Share the modifications you make to your YUYA using the hastag #yuyahack

DESCARGA la hoja de trabajo

I really hope you enjoyed this sew along, don’t forget that I’m here to help you, if you have questions or suggestions just hit reply to this email.