When I began to study fashion design I felt the need to want to know everything NOW! But what I wanted more, was to learn how to make jackets. Since the first semester I’ve been pressing the teachers to teach me how to do it, and after a lot of trial and error I finally learned.

My first jacket was part of a mini collection, of futuristic inspiration, that I made for the final project of my 4th semester. With this collection I won the opportunity to participate in the Fashion Week Venezuela 2010 in representation of the Institute where I studied. A unique experience!

Since then, I have continued to experiment in search for the perfect jacket. From the classic rocker one to winter coats, learning new methods of pattern making and tailoring new styles of confection.

Surely time has allowed me to improve, but still I have not reached my goal: The perfect pattern!

DaR futuristic inspirationDaR futuristic inspiration3

PHOTOGRAPHY by Andres Leal

MODELING by Mary de la Peña