Each of the components of a piece of clothing (pockets, sleeves, details, collars, etc.) are reflected on patterns templates, which are made via mathematical calculations as outcome of the interpretation of each design. This process is what we call “Pattern making”. It goes without saying, the successful creation of any piece of clothing depends, among others, on the accuracy of its pattern.

This time I want to share with you the result of a pattern by Tomoko Nakamichi from one of his Pattern magic books. It is a fairly simple pattern, which requires a little bit of measurement, has a sewing and the result is just great! But the best of all is that the resulting waste material is kept at a minimum.

The fabric I used was a gift from one of the first people I have met here in Germany. A teacher and a good fellow artist who also became a good friend to me. I hope someday, with her permission, I will have the chance to introduce you her incredible work, which can be described simply as AMAZING.

I challenge you to try this simple piece. I might would have only one humble recommendation for you: do the sleeves a little wider if the fabric is not stretch type and remember that the pattern is just a very good reference and it is you who has to realize it by means of your ideas. Play with it towards your customization and please share the result with me, would you! :).