The best coat is comfortable, is made with care, is of your favorite color and can reminds you that with effort and love everything is possible.

Mine is turquoise and is the first coat I ever made. I made it during a winter clothes course here in Germany. In this course I not only learned how to make coats, I learned how every millimeter matters and that perfection is in the details.

Such emotioally motivated care differentiates  Slow Fashion from Fast Fashion. The automated world in which we live today has diminished the value of the handmade products. There is no time for art and design. Now is just about the clothes, about the business. As Raf Simons, the ex-designer of Diort, said “I don’t want to do collections in where I’m not thinking”.

I invite you to celebrate handmade, unique products that are individually perfected by hand. They are more environmentally friendly than mass-produced items, and allow a connection between the things we wear and the people who make them

Let’s support Slow Fashion!!

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I’M WEARING: DaR Winter coat, DaR Pullover.

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