It is been some years since I have accidentally learned about the hallucinating books of Tomoko. It was these books which made me get a grip on the wonder of the “pattern making”, a whole world where the creativity and the mathematics dance together to give life to an idea.

This week I have jumped for joy when I have received “English version” of one of Tomoko’s wonderful books (in my hometown I could get them only in original language, Japanese, and trying to decipher them has never been an easy task. And now, for the first time I am able to catch all the details I had missed before.

It’s been days since I am reviewing, studying my beloved book and I cannot wait to get to work and apply ALL of the patterns. But, I simply do not know where to start. Help me to pick up one, would you?

Here I could select some thee options of the relatively “simple” models (Just to warm up =)

pattern magic (3)

pattern magic (2)


pattern magic opcion1

pattern magic opcion2

pattern magic opcion3 (7)



“… Patterns are like documents that describe a garment, conveying its structure more eloquently than words. They can even convey the thoughts of its creator” Tomoko Nakamichi.