I recently told you on instagram that I was learning the 3D fashion design program CLO Virtual Fashion and already made my first experiment with it.

When I learned about this program my reaction was love and hate, more hate than love being honest.

I learned about it last year through an advertising campaign that BALMAIN made with completely virtual models. IMAGINE THAT, if the women they used for advertising are already unreal, imagine now, digitally perfect women! That triggered a search chain that left me freaking out even more, digital women with instagram accounts and millions of followers, selling products and a virtually impossible beauty to a generation that still doesn’t know how to differentiate between fantasy and reality !! AHHHHHHH !!

Take a deep breath!!!

But once my anger cold down, I started searching for more information about the program they used to make the clothes, CLO3D, and I hallucinated with it!! it’s really amazing!!! I’m in love!!! above all, at the industrial level, it can offer energy and quite large resources savings, which translates into a reduction in the environmental impact that fashion is causing.

Anyway, in the video I share with you my experience with the program and the process from the idea to the final dress. A quite romantic experience if we consider everything I’ve told you so far hehe.

The program offers a 30-day trial that you can download here.




The goal of this experiment was to design and make a dress for a friend who lives in another city, I entered her measurements to create her avatar and made the pattern directly in the program.


The program offers a small database with different default materials (fabrics), I selected the closest to mine, but I think it was not the most ideal option.

Once I printed the pattern made some adjustment to it, to the top added 2 cm vertically and made the back strip a little longer, and I was glad I did!

Likewise, the design was quite accurate and the adjustments it would make after seeing the final piece are really minimal.


I must say that it’s not a pattern making program. Yes, you can make patterns in it, but it is not the ideal program for that, this would be a complement to make adjustments and see in real time the result of our designs.
It worth downloading and experimenting with it.Would you like to see a second experiment in the program?What do you think of these technologies?Hugs